My Friends From the Wild

Dear Baby Bunny's Buddy,

First of all, thank you for leaving that bunny alone - I know how hard it is for dogs like us to not want to play with our wildlife friends!

You can tell your owners that momma bunnies often leave their babies in a nest while they go out to graze. A baby bunny's best chance for survival is to stay with Mom, so you should not attempt to touch or move the baby.

If the nest is in a location that might not be safe, it is best to leave it and try to protect the area from dogs, cats, and people with a temporary fence or some other physical barrier. If the nest cannot be protected move it to a safe place as close to the original location as you can.

If you find injured bunnies, call the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for information on how to help. Although cute, bunnies can carry diseases that are dangerous to pets and people, so minimize handling of the little critters.

Thanks again for looking out for the wildlife in our community!  Have a wonderful spring!