What is a Certified Veterinary Technician?

At Carver Lake Veterinary Center we are lucky enough to have eight amazing technicians on our team!

A veteriary technician can be compared to a human nurse. In many ways they do a lot of the same things, except that they have to learn to work with many different species of animals.

In order to become a vet tech, one must complete two years of schooling at a school accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) to receive an associates of applied science degree. Upon graduation, all Minnesota students can become Certified Veterinary Technicians by scoring an 80% or higher on a national test called the Veterinary Technician National Exam and pass a state test as well.

Everyday is different for a technician working in a veterinary clinic. This is part of why this profession is so exciting. In addition to working directly with pet owners, vet techs are also responsible for a variety of things, including patient care, x-ray, dental procedures, laboratory procedures, anesthesiology, and surgical assisting.

Patient care includes taking care of sick, hospitalized, & surgical patients, placing intravenous catheters, reporting to doctors, and assisting with appointments.

When radiographs (x-rays) are taken at Carver Lake, the vet techs are the ones who are properly restraining the patient and use the equipment in order to create clear diagnostic pictures. It can take creative thinking and logic to take radiographs for those unique cases.

Dental procedures are a common procedure preformed at our clinic. Vet techs are responsible for running pre-anesthetic blood work, taking vital signs, calculating drug doses, placing intravenous catheter, taking dental x-rays, and scaling & polishing the tarter and calculus off of the teeth.

During all surgical procedures, including dentals, they also monitor anesthesia and vital signs for the pet. By doing this, they ensure that your pet is resting comfortably during the procedure.

Another way vet techs help the veterinarians is by performing labwork. This includes looking at blood, urine, stool, and other things under a microscope. The information they gather helps the doctors determine what to do to help your pet.

Without our veterinary technicians, Carver Lake Veterinary Center wouldn't be able to provide our clients and patients with the level of care that we do.  We depend on them for so much and consider ourselves very fortunate to have eight wonderful veterinary technicians.  Here's why a few of them chose this profession;

“Being a CVT is a heart-warming and rewarding career. We aim to create a lasting bond with our clients and patients and dedicate ourselves to their health and well-being.“ April, Certified Veterinary Technician since 2007

"I guess I'm kind of lucky, I fell into veterinary technology by accident.  At the age of 19, a friend mentioned she was going to a vet tech program and I thought it sounded like a fun career.  Although we always had pets growing up, I had never actually been inside a vet clinic until it was required of me in my first quarter of school.  Fiftenn years later here I am and I love it!  I enjoy educating people on how to care for thier pets, and find great joy in improving the lives of thier pets!"  Jessica, Lead Certified Veterinary Technician since 2002

Celebrate all that our Vet Techs do for our pets by acknowledging them during National CVT Appreciation Week, October 11th - 17th!