Thank Your Pet Sitters!

Spring and the upcoming summer are a time when lots of people plan to travel.  If you are lucky your  pets can travel with you, however many of them must be left at home.  Although boarding facilities offer a place for pets to stay, pet sitting service are sometimes a better option. 

A professional pet sitter is someone who's job is to care for your pets while you are at work or traveling.  These individuals usually pet-sit for a living and thus have lots of experience.  Most pet-sitters chose this line of work because they care deeply about the well-being of animals.

Pet Sitters can do many things for you...

1.  Some pet sitters will stay at your home with your pets while you are traveling.  Many pets prefer the comforts of home to visiting a boarding facility.  Pet sitters make it possible to let your pets stay at home while you are away.  The other advantage to this is that you have someone to look after your home as well.  Pet-sitters can water plants, bring in the mail, and keep an eye on things.

2.  Pet sitters often provide daily services to check on pets while you are at work or away during the day.  During these visits they will walk, feed, and play with your pets as directed by you.  This is especially helpful for people who have puppies who are still potty-training or elderly pets who may need medications or to go out more often.

Pet sitters offer a wonderful alternative to boarding facilities!  Still, it is important to interview candidates before entrusting them with your pets care. 

Make sure they are bonded and have liability insurance.  Inquire about what services they offer, what experience they have, and how much they charge.  Introduce the candidate to your pets.  Watch how they interact.  If either the pet sitter or your pet seem uncomfortable then rethink your decision to hire this person.  Remember that they will be caring for your pet while you are not there.  You and your pets must all trust this person.

Ashley Manley, who worked for Carver Lake Veterinary Center as a Client Care Coordinator, owns "Paws for Cause" a pet-sitting business that donates a portion of it's proceeds to pet related non-profit organizations.  PWC employs many current and past Carver Lake Vet employees too!  Their team cares for all kinds of pets and will stop by your home, or stay overnight depending on what you prefer.  You can  call 651-497-9935 email, or check out their website at