Home for the Holidays

It was the day before Christmas Eve when one of our clients brought in an Irish Setter that they had found wondering in traffic.  The winter storm was just setting in and none of us could imagine Christmas without our furry friends. 

We scanned the dog for a microchip and were in luck.  We called the microchip registry to get information on the dog and the contact information for his family.  Cooper was the Irish Setter's name.  We contacted his family to let them know that their beloved pet was found.  Cooper made it home safe for the holidays.  What a lucky dog!

Micorchipping your pet is the best way to ensure that your pet finds its way home.  Whenever a lost pet is brought into a veterinary office or shelter it is scanned for a micorchip.  Collars are a great way of identifying your pet, however if your pet is out in the elements they may lose their collar and identification tags. 

If your pet has a microchip, it is important to keep this information up to date so that you can be contacted if your pet is found.  You can even enter your travel contact infromation while you are away and change it when you return.  This is especially helpful if your pet is traveling with you.

Our pets have a profound impact on our lives.  Microchipping them is the most effective way to make sure they return home should they ever get lost.  If you have more questions regarding microchips or would like to get your pet microchipped please contact us or learn more here.