Halloween Safety for Pets

Pet tips for Halloween

Candy, pumpkins, costumes, and trick-or-treaters are just some of the things that make Halloween such a fun holiday. Unfortunately, these same things can be very dangerous to our pets. Before the big day arrives there are some precautions every pet owner should take.

Experienced trick-or-treaters know that the main focus of Halloween is all the great food, and most of our pets would agree. Be sure not to leave candy unattended during the holiday season. Chocolate, even in small amounts, can be quite toxic to animals. Other tasty treats can be dangerous to our four-legged friends if eaten in excess. Pets may also be curious about holiday decorations such as candles, so don't leave any lighted candles or jackolanterns unattended.

Although most trick-or-treaters are out for the treats, there are some individuals who may be out for the tricks as well. Dogs and cats who are outdoors during the evening hours are prime targets for Halloween pranks. Be sure to keep animals indoors on Halloween night and escort them outside when necessary.

Many animals get anxious or excited when people come to the door. For the safety of your pets and the children trick-or-treating, these animals should be kept in a kennel or separate room during prime trick-or-treating hours. Halloween night can be filled with many new sights and sounds. Some animals may be overly sensitive to these unfamiliar stimuli. We recommend that owners of these animals take similar precautions to those taken for the Fourth of July.

Halloween can be a fun experience for both pets and their owners if the proper precautions are taken. For more information about how to prepare your pet for Halloween please contact us at Carver Lake Veterinary Center.