Fleas & Ticks for Winter

Many people stop using flea and tick preventatives on their pets because they think, “it is too cold for the bugs.” Unfortunately, if there is not a complete snow cover, the bugs can still get our cats and dogs.

Flees & Ticks for winterWhen there is not a complete snow cover, a warm day can cause the bugs to come out of hibernation and attach to our pets. The bugs do not know what date it is, they live by the environment. When a warm body, like your pet’s, passes they attach to it and come indoors to make our homes theirs as well.

Fleas are a nuisance for pet owners and a horrible discomfort to pets. They can cause itching and hair loss to the skin and can quickly infest an entire household. Pets can pick up fleas just from being outdoors (and especially from interacting with wildlife like the dog pictured!) By using Frontline or Advantix on your dogs and Revolution on your cats you can keep these pesky bugs from irritating your pets.

Ticks are a big problem for dogs during the summer months in this area. Certain ticks can carry diseases like Lyme and Ehrlichia. Advantix and Frontline are two products that will kill ticks within 24-48 hours and thus help prevent them from spreading any diseases.

Many people have stopped using flea and tick preventatives for the season, but due to the un[redictable weather we have in this area, we recommend using it year round.  Especially if your pet is in contact with other animals on a regular basis or visits places such as: daycare, boarding facilites, or farms.

Flees & Ticks for winter