Celebrating Our Love of Pets

Valentine's Day is the day we celebrate love.  Love for our significant others, our families, and our friends.  Why not celebrate the love we share with our pets too?

The bond shared between ourselves and our pets is unlike any other.  What they give to us as owners is remarkable, genuine, and completely unconditional. The way our pets make us feel everyday is the reason we bring them into our lives and what gives us so much joy.

Why is this?  How do these amazing animals cause humans to want to cuddle, care for, and love them so much?  How is it that animals can bring together two entirely different people and make them smile?  It truly is incredible and makes us wonder, what do they know that we do not?

The human-animal bond has been researched thoroughly and proven time and again.  Here are a few facts that perhaps you have experienced yourself.
   -People with pets in their lives have lower blood pressure
   -Senior citizens with pets cope better with the stress of entering the health 
    care system.
   -Pet owners feel less likely to become a victim of a crime when sharing a home 
    with a dog.
   -Pet owners have fewer minor health problems
   -Pets in nursing homes increase social and verbal interactions among residents
   -Dog owners have better physical health due to exercise with pets.
   -Dogs have preventative and therapeutic benefits against stress
   -Pets make us feel less lonely and isolated.
   -Positive self-esteem is experienced by children exposed to pets.
   -Children with pets are more actively involved in chores, hobbies, and clubs.

These are only a handful of the positive things that pets bring into our lives.  They make us laugh, smile, and exercise.  They are willing to do anything for us.  No wonder we love them so much!

The interactions between humans and animals has changed dramatically over the last 20-30 years.  Many pets today are considered "part of the family" and are often referred to as "children!" 

The American Animal Hospital Association recently surveyed pet owners asking them who would they take with them if they were stranded on a deserted island.  Over half of those surveyed chose their pets over human companionship.  This certainly says a lot about the bond we share with our pets!

This Valentine's Day don't forget to thank the furry and fluffy companions in your life for all the love they share with you.