Clinic Pets

Hops, Barley, and Wheat

Hops, Barley, and Wheat and Fancy Rats who joined the elite club of Carver Lake clinic pets in 2016.  They keep very busy eating, burying under blankets, and begging for treats from our team.  Their goal in life is to help people see what cool little pets rats can be!  They currently reside in our treatment room, but are more than happy to meet our clients, so feel free to ask!

Ruby, Black Domestic Shorthair
Ruby, Black Domestic Shorthair: 1997-2009

Ruby passed away on April 3,2009.  She lived a long, happy life here at Carver Lake and will be deeply missed by everyone.  Please see her Memorial Article under past articles.

Ruby (also known as Rubette, Rubitha J Finkelsteen, and Queen B) has been the clinic cat at Carver Lake Veterinary Center since 1997. She firmly believes that she is the brains behind this operation.

Ruby always makes sure we stay on task by sitting in our lap or on the computer keyboard while we are trying to work. She really is a tough boss!

When she is not busy managing the clinic she can be found sleeping in her private office, bird watching out the window, or teasing her dog friends.

Melford Beauregard Hunter, Clinic Rat: 2009-2010

Melford Beauregard Hunter joined the Carver Lake family in 2009 after participating in a tutorial on pocket pet restraint.  He came to visit with some other friends from the Woodbury Animal Shelter during one of our staff meetings.  We all fell in love with Mel and decided this would be his new home.

He lives in the reception area at the clinic so he can meet all the children and pets that come to visit.  His mission is to change the face of rats everywhere.  He is a very sweet boy and loves to snuggle.  

When he isn't helping out around the clinic, he enjoys eating crackers and spending time in his loft.

On October 5th, 2010, we said good-bye to our beloved little rat, Mel.  He will be dearly missed by us all, but we know that his memory will live on the the hearts of those who loved him - especially all the children and dogs who looked forward to visiting with him every time they came to the clinic.