Past Pet of the Month's

Meet McKenzie, November's Pet of the Month!

McKenzie is a sweet, 1-year old Goldendoodle who belongs to Addison and her family.  We've known McKenzie since she was a little pup in our PlayCare program and it's been so cool to watch her grow up :)

Addison says McKenzie's favorite activities are fetch, licking, and snuggling.  She's a very good listener, and special friend.

Meet Cami, October's Pet of the Month!

Chamomile (a.k.a. Cami) is a 1-year old English Spot Rabbit who belongs to Deneen.  

Cami's favorite activities include hanging out in the beanbag chair, exercizing in the living room, and playing ball.  Deneen says the thing she loves most about Cami is how Cami follows her around everywhere - she calls Cami her "little shadow." 

Meet Josie, September's Pet of the Month!

Josie is a super sweet 1-year old yellow lab who loves everyone and everything!  Her favorite activities are chasing leaves, carrying big sticks while on walks, playing with her toys, and napping on the couch.

Her family loves her tons and feel so lucky to have such a great pup in their family!

Meet Homer, August's Pet of the Month!

Homer is a 9-year old yellow lab who belongs to Steve.  Homer's very favorite activity is definitely hunting, and he accompanies his owner on many excursions throughout the year.

Steve enjoys this special time with Homer and says in addition to his hunting skills, says that Homer has an extraordinary personality!

Meet Peyton, July's Pet of the Month!

Peyton is a sweet little, 2-year old, Jack Russel-Chihuahua mix who belongs to Jodi and Doug. We've known Peyton since he was just a little pup and it's been fun to watch him grow (although not very big!) over the last two years.

Peyton was adopted as a rescue pup and his owners say it was the best thing they ever did!  He is super sweet and enjoys walks, fetch, playing, and snuggling.  Peyton is also a die-hard Vikings fan and always come to visit us sporting his team gear!  :)

Meet Lilly! June's Pet of the Month!

Lilly is a sweet, 10 year old, Calico cat who belongs to Ella, Ava, and their family.

Lily's favorite ways to pass the time are sleeping, eating, and playing with a laser pointer.  Ella and Ava love Lilly very much and say the very best things about her are her cuddles, and how happy she makes them.

Meet Nikki, May's Pet of the Month!

Nikki is a 7-year old, Husky-Mix who belongs to Rachel and Chris.

Nikki loves walking, playing tug-o-war, howling with the UPS driver!

One of the most amazing things about Nikki is how intelligent she is.  She will turn the lights on and off if she thinks her owners are sleeping too late!

Meet Baxter, April's Pet of the Month!

Baxter is a 2-year old, Australian Shepherd who belongs to Jim and Jennifer.

Baxter stays true to his breed by spending his time sheep herding, as well as playing frisbee and snuggling.

One of the most amazing things about Baxter is his awareness of his surroundings.  An example of this is that ever since witnessing his owner, Jim, slip and fall on ice, Baxter warms Jim if they are about to walk somewhere slippery!  He sure is an incredible dog!!

Meet Letters, March's Pet of the Month!

Letters is a sweet little 1 year old guinea pig who belongs to Ella, Ava, and their family.  Letters has a brother guinea pig named Numbers!  ;)

Letters' favorite things are running, squeaking, playing, snuggling, and "pop-corning".  Her family loves her very much and especially loves petting her, because it always makes her purr.

Meet Sam, February's Pet of the Month!

Sam is a super sweet, almost 10 year old Whippet who belongs to Christine.  

Sam is very active and takes part in many canine activities including lure coursing and agility.  When he isn't busy with his athletics, Sam is content to sit and snuggle with his family...and pretty much anyone he meets!

Christine feels so fortunate to have a dog like Sam in her life.

Meet Charlie, January's Pet of the Month!

Charlie is a super sweet 4 year old Golden Retriever who belongs to the Case Family.  She loves playing with her tennis ball and rope tug toys, and also enjoys walks and running at dog parks.  

Charlie also has a silly sense of humor (you can see it in her grin!)  She loves to wake her owner up every morning with a paw to the head, and always spins three times before every meal.  She's quite the lovable goofball.

Meet Charlie, December's Pet of the Month!

Charlie is a sweet little tuxedo kitten, who isn't even a year old yet!  He belongs to Ella and her family and they just love him to pieces!

Charlie's favorite activities include running, playing with stuffed animals, and chasing puff ball toys.  His family says he is a very happy cat, and his happiness is contagious which makes the whole family happy!  ;)

Meet Spot, November's Pet of the Month!

Spot is a super sweet, 8 year old, Terrie Mix who belongs to Kim, Dwight, and Aaron.

Spot has a very special way with people.  Whenever he meets someone, he warms right up to them with his happy little wagging tail.  He brings joy and smiles to everyone he meets.  Those of us at Carver Lake can certainly attest to this as well!  No matter what procedures Spot needs or how uncomfortable he may be feeling, he is always sweet and that tail never stops wagging!!

Meet Alfalfa, October's Pet of the Month!

Alfalfa is super cute, four year old Boston Terrier that belongs to the Felicida family.  

Alfalfa (or Al for short) loves playing with toys, lounging by the fireplace, and playing with sticks in the back yard.  He's also a bit of a celebrity, having placed first and third in the Woodbury Magazine's Pet Category over the years!

Al's family loves him very much and are so glad he's in their lives.

Meet Numbers, September's Pet of the Month!

Numbers is a two year old, long haired guinea pig who belongs to Ella and her family.  

Letters loves "popcorning", eating carrots, and running around with his sister, Letters the Guinea Pig :)

Ella and her family are so happy to have such a sweet little pig in their home, and especially enjoy when he squeaks and purrs to let them know he loves them!

Meet Gunnar, August's Pet of the Month!

Gunnar is a 2 year old Silver Lab who belongs to the Bisek Family.  Gunner was a surprise gift for the family's two young boys, Noah (now 8 yrs old) and Brayden (now 6 yrs old).  Since then, Gunnar has been the perfect fit for their family.

Gunnar enjoys anything outdoors and has been known to use the pool tarp in the winter as his personal treadmill and watering hold!  On occasion, he is mistaken for a small horse as he gallops happily around their backyard, weighing in at just over 100 pounds!

Gunnar is a wonderful family dog, great with the kids, and loves to be by their sides 24 hours a day.  The Bisek Family is so glad to have this great companion in their home.

Meet Bauer, July's Pet of the Month!

Bauer is an energetic, 3 year old, Chocolate Labrador who belongs to Travis and Maggie.  We've known Bauer since he was just a little pup (as evident in this picture) and it's been fun to watch him grow into the happy adult he is today.

Bauer loves playing fetch, fetching things, and the game fetch...with an occasional snack in between!  He has an endless supply of energy and never stops smiling!  It's hard to have a bad day with such a happy dog around!  He loves all people, but especially kids.  His family is very glad this loving dog found his way into their home.

Meet Kim, June's Pet of the Month!

Kim Kamora of McCrea (or just Kim for short) is a lovely Gordon Setter who belongs to Robert & Anita. Kim will be celebrating her 12th birthday this month!

Kim has always loved chasing pheasants with her dad and cuddling with her mom. She is a wonderfully affectionate dog and her owners are so very happy to have had her in their lives for so long.

Meet Noche - May's Pet of the Month!

Noche is a very cool, almost 6 year old, Bouvier Des Flandres (not a common breed at all!) who belongs to Susan and her family.

We've known Noche since she was just 6 months old and it's been very neat to watch her grown into the talented dog she is today. She participates in agility, nosework, and herding!

When she isn't busy with the above activities, Noche is very dedicated to her family and is happy to just be with them.

Meet Riley, April's Pet of the Month

Riley is a sweet, 11 year old, Shih Tzu/Poodle mix who belongs to Lynn and Bob. We've had the honor of knowing little Riley since he was just a pup, and it's been so cool to watch him grow into the dog he is today.

Riley enjoys life to the fullest! He likes to play, and more than anything, he loves to snuggle with his family.

Meet Pinky! March's Pet of the Month!

Pinky is a very cool little hairless guinea pig (commonly known as a "skinny pig") who is loved by Chrysann and Bob.  

Pinky is quite a neat little pig who loves to run around and interact with kids and people.  In fact he's a great cuddler and even gives kisses!  Pinky also loves to travel and last summer would frequent Battle Creek Park for walks!  But don't worry, he kept out of the sun to protect his delicate skin!

Meet Lily, February's Pet of the Month!

Lily is a precious three year old Shih Tzu who belongs to Lindsay and Scott.  

Lily's favorite activities are playing, playing, and playing!!  Especially if there are treats involved!  She also knows lots of tricks and is very good tempered.  If you are having a bad day, Lily's happy wagging tail is sure to cheer you up!

Lindsay and Scott say they are so lucky to have such a sweet little pup in their life.

Meet Ozzy, January's Pet of the Month!

Ozzy is a cute, little, 13 year old Shih Tzu who belongs to David and Denise.  We've been fortunate enough here at Carver Lake to have know Ozzy since he was just a pup!  

Although Ozzy may be considered a senior dog now, David and Denise say he still acts like a toddler!  He loves life, and enjoys going for walks, playing with toys, and taking car rides.  

Meet Sherlock, December's Pet of the Month!

Sherlock (a.k.a. Shirley) is a goofy, 6 year old, domestic shorthaired cat who belongs to Jessie and Mike.  

Sometimes they think Sherlock believes he is part cat, part dog and part human. Most days he will contently sit by the window, watching the outside world go by. While other days he enjoys playing fetch with his toys. And almost every day, he insists on trying to dine at the dinner table with his humans! Whatever he thinks he is, he is always sweet, entertaining and very loved.  

Jessie and Mike feel so very lucky to have found such a great kitty to call their own and can't imagine their home without him!

Meet Koko, November's Pet of the Month!

Koko is a sweet 12 year old Collie Mix belonging to Bruce and Ruth.  We've had the privilege of getting to know them quite well over the years, as Koko frequently visits for daycare!

Koko enjoys visiting family and friends, and often travels to nursing homes too!  He loves to snuggle and get his belly rubbed.  Koko is also very smart, in fact he knows his left from his right!  

We feel so lucky to have gotten to know Koko and his family so well over the years.  He's an incredible dog!

Meet Colton, October's Pet of the Month

Colton is an awesome 3 year old Great Dane who belongs to Lisa and her family.  Colton is one of the biggest dogs we see here, weighing in at 123 pounds!  But, don't let his size fool you - he's a sweetie who loves to snuggle with his family!

Meet Leon, August's Pet of the Month!

Napoleon (aka Leon) is a sweet, 7 year old, dwarf hotot rabbit who belongs to Emma and her family.  And he is tiny - weighing just over 2 pounds!

But, what Leon lacks in size, he more than makes up for in personality!  This little guy loves to go outside and sniff in the garden, redecorate his home, and enjoys gourmet meals of Kale and other fresh delicacies!  

His family loves him dearly and say that rabbits make fantastic pets!  We happen to agree!

Meet Oakley, July's Pet of the Month!

Oakley is a 5 year old yellow lab who belongs to Karen and Brian.  We've been lucky enough to have known this sweet boy since he was just a tiny pup and it's been fun watching him grow into the happy adult dog that he is today!

Oakley is always up for an adventure.  His favorite activities include playing frisbee, taking loooong walks, and swimming at the cabin.  His owners enjoy his energy and zest for life, but more than anything they really appreciate that he loves everyone!

Meet Violet, June's Pet of the Month!

Violet is a sweet, 4 year old English Springer Spaniel who belongs to Nancy & Greg.  Violet's favorite activities include exploring the local walking paths with Nancy, chasing toys, sniffing for rabbits, and spending time with her family.

Violet's family says she is a fantastic companion.  She is friendly to all pets & people, and has the most cheerful disposition.  They feel so blessed to have her in their lives.

Meet Magic, May's Pet of the Month!

Magic is a sweet 5 year old domestic short-haired cat who belongs to Justin and his family.

Magic's favorite activities are playing with her feather toy and hanging out with her family.  She is quite the curious little gal too, and has even learned to open doors!  When no one is watching she might even try to sneak outside!

Magic's family feels very lucky to have such a sweet, intelligent kitty in their lives!

Meet Silver, April's Pet of the Month!

Silver is an incredible 2 year old Standard Poodle who belongs to Jeanne.  We have had the privilege of getting to know Silver very well, as he often visits us for daycare and grooming!  Because of Jeanne's attention to Silver's socialization and grooming needs, Silver is well known in his neighborhood as one of the nicest, handsomest dogs around!

Besides being super sweet and good looking, Silver is also very smart and has learned to open doors by himself!  Jeanne, and all of us at Carver Lake Veterinary Center, feel very fortunate to know such an amazing dog.

Meet Bogey, March's Pet of the Month!

Bogey is a lovely, 5 year old Corgi Mix who belongs to Dan and Michelle.  Some of her favorite activities include retrieving golf balls and taking walks with the neighborhood children.

Her owners say that she is very smart, and has even learned commands by hand signals!  The thing that makes her most special though, is her sweet, affectionate nature.  They feel so lucky to have such a wonderful dog in their family.

Meet Coral, February's Pet of the Month!

Coral is one unique little pet!!  Being an African Pygmy Hedgehog is certainly enough to make her special, but she doesn't stop there!  This 6 month old diva is already working hard at a modeling career!  With over 1000 followers on Instagram, she's quite the famous little girl!!  Check her out at

We love caring for all small companion mammals at Carver Lake Veterinary Center, and Coral is certainly no exception - she lights up the room whenever she visits!

Meet Trooper, January's Pet of the Month!

Trooper is an awesome, 8 year old Goldendoodle who belongs to Jocelyn, David, Taylor, and Olivia.  Carver Lake has been lucky enough to help care for and groom him since he was just a pup!  It's been fun to watch him grown into the nearly 100 pound sweetie he is today!

Trooper's family loves that he has so much personality.  He's an active dog who loves walking, swimming, and cuddling.  One of the funniest things he does is try to snuggle into the smallest spaces possible, even though he's almost 100 pounds!

Meet Buddy, December's Pet of the Month!

Buddy is an 11 year old English Springer Spaniel who belongs to Patty and Kenzie.  We've known them since Buddy was only a year old, and it's been such fun to watch he and his family grow!

Buddy enjoys swimming, running around, and the occasional nap.  His owners say he is very special because he loves each and every one of them individually.  He is a super sweet, cuddly dog, and also a great guard dog when needed!

Meet Princess Vivian, November's Pet of the Month

Princess Vivian is a sweet, 9 year old tabby cat who belongs to Carla and Andy.  Carla and Andy adopted her from a shelter 3 years ago and quickly fell in love with her sweet, playful demeanor.  

Princess Vivian spends her days bird watching, playing with her toy mice, and chasing her string.  Her owners say that one of their favorite things about her is how much she "talks" to them - she's a great conversationalist!

Meet Herbie, October's Pet of the Month

Herbie is a sweet 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier who belongs to Carol.  We are lucky enough to have known Herbie and Carol since Herbie was just a tiny 4 month old puppy!

Herbie's favorite activity is definitely playing ball, and Carol says he is one of the sweetest dogs she's ever known!  We feel honored to have been able to care for Herbie for so many years - he is a very special little guy!

Meet Lily, September's Pet of the Month!

Lily is a wonderful 5 year old lab mix who belongs to the LeBourgeois Family.

Lily is a fantastic "guard dog" ensuring their home's safety by barking at any sketchy rabbit that may hop into their yard.  When she isn't on rabbit patrol, she also enjoys playing, going to the dog park, and cuddling.

The LeBourgeois Family says that Lily is a fantastic dog who is loyal, cute, and most of all, lovable!

Meet Josie, August's Pet of the Month!

Josie (short for Josephine) is a sweet 6 year old Lionhead rabbit who belongs to Martha and Emma.  Josie lives with a Dwarf Hottot rabbit named Leon (short for Napoleon.)

These two rabbits are very bonded, in fact little Leon considers himself to be the "protector" of Josie, even though she is quite a bit larger than him!

They spend their days designing hiding boxes, sniffing in the outside garden, and enjoying kale and other garden delicacies.  

Meet Maximallan, July's Pet of the Month!

Maximallan (or Max for short) is an adorable Yorkie who belongs to Jerry and Jeannie.  Max will be celebrating his 10th birthday at the end of the month!

Max plans to celebrate his big birthday by doing some of his favorite things, including snuggling with his younger sister, Lilly and enjoying a back scratch from his owners.

Jerry and Jeannie refer to their lovable little Max as "the apple of their eye" and are so glad he is a part of their family.

Meet Fosco, June's Pet of the Month

Fosco is a handsome 2 year old Siberian Husky who belongs to Ted and Jill.  Fosco's unique name came from the character "Count Fosco" in the novel, The Woman in White.

Fosco spends his days sleeping, eating, and looking cute (it's a rough life!)  One of his favorite activities is saying "good morning" to his family, who feel so lucky to have such a great dog in their lives.